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Welcome to Common Sense Carry, Premium Firearm Instruction for the Concealed Carry Lifestyle. At Common Sense Carry we are affiliated with the USCCA,

the United States Concealed Carry Association, to provide premium, comprehensive content for all of the courses we provide. The classes are taught by USCCA

Certified Instructors through the use of powerpoint, videos, class room demonstration and student participation. Class size is limited to provide each student with

the direct instruction necessary to successfully complete each course. CSC students can participate in any of our three, one day, courses; Basic Firearm, Concealed

Carry for the State of Florida or Personal and Home Defense. We also offer a comprehensive 2 day course which includes all the material from all three classes.

Live fire range time is available for an additional cost (not required for completion of the Basic Firearm or Personal and Home Defense classes).  However, live fire

range time is included in the Concealed Carry course and is required to obtain a concealed carry permit.  Each student will fire a minimum of 30 rounds during live fire exercises.

At Common Sense Carry, our courses are most appropriately suited for:

  • Novice to Intermediate Shooter
  • Concealed Carry Applicants
  • Women/Mothers who have chosen to protect themselves and their family
  • Purchasing Your First Firearm
  • One-on-one/Family Instruction
  • Senior Shooter/Couples
  • Corporate Team Building Events

Lastly, we would like to leave you with two core beliefs that form the foundation of the mission statement at Common Sense Carry. First, the decision to own and/or carry a firearm is

a serious consideration that comes with enhanced responsibility on the part of the firearm owner. It is a lifestyle choice. The shooting sports can be both safe and fun, IF you are

determined to embrace the lifestyle, receive proper training and PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. Finally, we believe it is imperative that you, the student, recognize something

we believe you inherently already know. YOU are your families first responder! If you are a parent, you already know this. You have been the first responder for your family's cuts,

bruises, broken bones and illnesses for years. If you or your loved ones find yourselves involved in a critical incident that you did not initiate and from which you could not retreat,

it will be up to YOU to respond. The data show that the professional responder; police, fire and EMT will likely arrive after the incident has already occurred. It is up to you to be

prepared and trained to protect your family physically, mentally, emotionally and financially as their first responder.

Classes are offered at the Shark Coast Tactical Sarasota Location Two Saturday's per Month.  Click Here to contact for sign up and more information!