Burn Proof Gear Modular Plate Carrier System Medium – Black


Brand- Burn Proof Gear

Model- Modular Plate Carrier

Size- Medium

Color- Black

Layout- Modular Build

Weight- ~24oz.

Dimensions- 16″ x 12″ x 3″

Parts Included: Modular Plate Bags, Elastic Cummerbunds, Modular Shoulder Pads, Modular Placard, Triple RMI, Double PMI, Half Flapper, Modular Dangler, Plate Bag Flap

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The Burn Proof Gear Modular Plate Carrier System was developed over 4 years of R&D, Testing, and countless revisions.

With direct input from members of the US Special Operations Community, Law Enforcement, and civilian market, this system is truly unique. While being completely modular, modern, and future-proof; the BPG Modular Plate Carrier System is comfortable, light weight, and mission configurable. Many current designs are made with the young private in mind while forgetting that many soldiers are battleworn and injured. Every mission is different and this system is designed with that in mind.

We hope to see this product make a positive impact in keeping soldiers, operators, and civilians safe.

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