The Galeo Pistol is an exciting new release of the proven Israeli Galil Rifle. Built using original Israeli Surplus Galil parts kits and a new US Milled receiver and short barrel .This new Galil type Pistol is chambered in 223/556 like the original Israeli Military Galil and sports a popular Pistol brace. This is a great option for those who want a compact shooter. If you did want to install a stock you could obtain NFA Short Barreled rifle approval with the ATF. The Galil family of rifles are operated by a Kalashnikov-pattern gas-driven piston system. The blend of AK 47 reliability with the accuracy of the .556 / 223 round proved to be very effective in several desert conflicts. The Galil series of weapons is in use with military and police forces in over 25 countries & enjoyed by recreational shooters. There were three base Military models the Galil ARM, Galil AR & Galil SAR. The Micro Galil or MAR rifle was introduced in 1995 and primarily used by Israeli special forces.

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Galil Style Pistol built with Original IMI Galil kits and new US parts to be civilian legal. 223/556 caliber 13 Inch barrel Blade Style pistol brace Heat treated Milled receiver Original Poly Stock Set will show character Uses Original Galil Magazines and Parts Built by American Tactical / ATI UPC 819644025030 ATIGGALEO556P13

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5.56 x 45mm NATO

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