Henry Big Boy Mare’s Leg Side Gate – 45LC


Caliber- .45 Colt

Capacity- 5 Rounds

Barrel Length- 12.9″

Twist Rate- 1:16″

Receiver- Polished Brass

Stock- American Walnut

Overall Length- 25″

Weight- 5.79 lbs.

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Henry’s Mare’s Leg lever action pistol is a cut-down, modified version of the repeating rifle, and can be holstered like a pistol but fired with the speed of a lever-action rifle. The handcrafted American Walnut stock is cut to the exact specification and the large loop lever, coupled with the legendary crisp Henry action, makes it easy for you to enjoy those rapid-fire repeating shots.

Like all Henry Rifles, each Mare’s Leg sports a select, handcrafted American Walnut stock cut to the exact specification of the gun used on the television series. The large loop lever and the legendary crisp Henry action make it easy to enjoy those rapid-fire repeating shots – just like Steve McQueen. This model has a 12.9″ barrel and has a polished brass metal finish.

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.45 LC


5 Rounds

Firearm Type