Kalashnikov USA KR103 – Red Wood


Caliber – 7.62 X 39MM

Capacity – 30 + 1 Rounds

Barrel Length – 16.33″

Trunnion – Forged 5.5mm

Rail – Red Wood Hand Grip

Muzzle Device – Muzzle Brake

Sights – Iron

Overall Length – 36.75″

Weight – 7.65Lbs

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Our new KR-103 Rifle is the semi-automatic civilian version of the AK-103, a 21st century version of Russia’s famous AKM (Avtomat Kalasnikova modernizirovanny) Rifle, chambered in the Soviet 7.62x39mm caliber. The AK-103 was one of the last designs overseen directly by Mikhail Kalashnikov, the father of the original AK-47. The KR-103 will accept all AKM or AK-74 furniture and accessories. It utilizes a US- made 7.62mm steel reinforced polymer magazine that is every bit as reliable as the Russian mags produced at the famous Izhmash or Tula arsenals in Russia. It can also accept a drum magazine. The KR-103 is also fitted with a highly effective muzzle brake similar to that first introduced in the AK-74 and which continues to be used in the latest generation of Russian military rifles, the AK-12 and the AK- 15.

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Kalashnikov USA


7.62 X 39mm


30 Rounds

Firearm Type