LWRC REPR MKII 7.62×51 16″ – Black


Caliber – 7.62×51

Capacity – 20+1 Rounds

Barrel Length – 16.1″

Twist – 1:10

Thread – 5/8×24

Rail – Picatinny Top

Muzzle – LWRCI Proprietary Ultra Brake 4- Port

Sights – LWRCI Skirmish Sights

Stock – B5 Systems Precision Stock

Overall Length – 41.5″

Weight – 10.4 lbs

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The Rapid Engagement Precision Rifle (REPR) MKII was developed by LWRCI as a submission to the U.S. Army’s CSASSS Program, which called for a more Compact Semi Auto Sniper System. The heart of the REPR MKII is LWRCI’s patented Adjustable Gas Block and short-stroke gas piston operating system. The benefits of this system is two-fold; better performance and greater versatility. In terms of performance, the short stroke gas piston operating system eliminates hot gasses being vented into the receiver and bolt carrier, resulting in superior reliability and a less strict cleaning regiment when compared to direct impingement rifles. The Adjustable Gas Block on the other hand gives the REPR MKII a high degree of adaptability, thanks to the blocks 20-position adjustment range – this allows the rifle to be finely tuned to fit the shooter’s ammunition preferences (such as with high or low-powered cartridges), use with a suppressor, and firing the rifle in adverse shooting conditions. The REPR MKII’s versatility and performance are perfectly complimented by the rifles Sub-MOA level of accuracy. Its long-range precision capabilities can be attributed to multiple factors. The trigger is composed of the Geissele SSA-E, a 2-stage trigger with reduced first and second stage pull weights, providing a smooth pull with light take up and a clean break. Another accuracy-enhancing feature is an included Magpul PRS Gen3 stock, which can be adjusted to the shooter’s desired length of pull and cheek height without the use of tools. Other features of the REPR MKII include an Ultra Static 4-port muzzle brake to tame barrel jump and felt recoil and a full-length Picatinny rail for use with optics. In addition, the REPR MKII is finished off with a set of LWRCI Skirmish iron sights for a close-range aiming solution.

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20 Rounds

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