Prvi Partizan .50 BMG 625 Grain FMJBT M33 -120 Round Ammocan


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Prvi Partizan produces this 50 BMG ammo to military specs, so you can enjoy the same kind of performance you’d get from Lake City the next few times you break out your M82. They even package these 120 rounds in their own new .50 cal ammo can, ten to a cardboard box to prevent them from rattling around too much during transit.

This is a standard M33 ball round, with a 625 grain FMJBT projectile. The bullet’s boat tail helps it retain greater velocity as it covers staggering distances, and complements its immense heft to help it resist crosswinds. An FMJBT doesn’t expand or catch fire when it connects with its target, but when it weighs almost 1.5 ounces it doesn’t have to do anything fancy to inflict fantastic damage. Do take care that this round’s bullet is magnetic. That’s par for the course when it comes to 50 BMG, but some ranges might not like it.

This round’s brass case is brand new. You’ll notice it’s gray around the neck, which simply shows that Prvi Partizan annealed it for greater durability. The Serbian manufacturer has also sealed this round’s non-corrosive primer to help it fare exposure to rain and humidity a little better. The tight-sealing can this ammo is packaged in suits it even better for long-term storage!

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