Red Army Standard AK field repair kit


Kit Includes: (1) Recoil Spring (1) Extractor Spring (1) Hammer Spring (1) Disconnector Spring (1) Retaining Spring/Wire (1) Firing Pin (1) Firing Pin Retaining Pin (1) Extractor (1) Extractor Retaining Pin (1) Hammer/Trigger Axis Pin
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The Red Army Standard AK Armorer’s Repair Kit contains most of the small parts that might be needed to make repairs on any AK-47 rifle. The kit contains one each of the following parts: recoil spring, extractor spring, hammer spring, disconnector spring, comp detent spring, magazine catch spring, rear sight slide catch spring, retaining spring, firing pin, firing pin retaining pin, extractor, extractor retaining pin, pistol grip screw nut, pistol grip screw, comp detent pin, recoil spring retainer, front sight post, and two tang screws.

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Red Army Standard