B&T SQD RBS9 Compact


***All silencers require a federal Tax stamp and special paperwork. Please know your laws before purchasing.***

Caliber- 9mm

Length- 6.75″

Diameter- 1.6″

Attachment- Tri-Lug

Materials- Aluminum

Finish- Type III Hard Coat Anodized

Weight- 13.5 oz

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We’re excited to introduce you to the next evolution of suppressors — our Reduced Backpressure System (RBS) line of SMG and rifle caliber suppressors. This revolutionary “flow-thru” suppressor design features a low-pressure chamber design to absorb a substantial amount of gas, thereby reducing back pressure. This significantly minimizes, and in some cases, eliminates excess gas pressure at the charging handle and ejection port locations, making the RBS a top choice for submachine guns, assault rifles and machine guns. B&T’s latest commitment to suppressor innovation is our Reduced Backpressure System line of suppressors (RBS).

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