Rossi RM66 .357 Magnum 6″ Revolver – Stainless Steel


Caliber- .357 Magnum

Capacity- 6 Rounds

Barrel Length- 6″

Sights- Fixed Rear, Serrated Front

Safety Type- Hammer Block

Overall Length- 11.14″

Weight (Unloaded)- 34.40oz.

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The legendary Rossi revolvers return with a bang in 2023. The RM66 features Rossi’s prized double action trigger, and an unbelievably crisp single action trigger pull. To allow you to take the best advantage of those triggers, the RM66’s six-inch barrel pairs with a red ramp front sight and a fully adjustable rear sight. This allows you to zero the RM66 for your ammo of choice, whether it’s 158 grain .357 Magnum or 130 grain .38 Special.

The RM66 has 6 shots of .357 Magnum on tap in its steel cylinder. The full underlug barrel adds additional weight which helps manage magnum recoil. Further aiding recoil reduction is the wrap-around rubber grip, cushioning your hand during firing. There are already a considerable number of accessories available for the RM66, as it fits common holsters and speed loaders for similar sized medium frame revolvers.

But the Rossi RM66 isn’t just about performance. It’s also about legacy and history. This is a revolver you can wear on the range, shoot at Bianchi Cup, take hunting with you, and most importantly hand down to your children at some point.

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.357 Mag


6 Rounds

Firearm Type