Used Izhevsk Mosin Nagant M91/30 7.62x54R Bolt-Action Rifle


**Used Gun**

Caliber- 7.62x54R

Capacity- 5 + 1 Rounds

Barrel Length- 29″

Sights- Front Globe, Post Drift Adjustable, Rear Tangent

Overall Length- 48.5″

Weight- 8.8lbs

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This is a previously owned and used firearm. The Firearm pictured is the exact one you are ordering. You can expect various levels of cosmetic and use wear patterns, but an otherwise fully functional firearm. Shark Coast Tactical does not keep a record of how long the guns were in use or potential round count through the firearm. These firearms are sold as-is and include any accessories that may be shown in the pictures. All sales are final.

The Model 1891/30 Rifle (Vintovka obr. 1891/30) was commissioned by the Revolutionary Military Council of the Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army. Early in 1924 a committee consisting of Ye. K. Kabakov and I. A. Komaritskii, began work on modernizing the M1891, using the dragoon model as a basis. The first trial rifles were made in 1927 and by 1930 a new design had been agreed upon, which was standardized on 28 April as the “Rifle Model 1891/30” (vintovka obrazers 1891/30goda.) Production of the M1891/30 began on 10 June 1930  at Tula and Izhevsk and ceased at Tula in the spring or summer of 1942 . Izhevsk discontinued production in 1944. Because supplies of M1891 parts (barrels, receivers, stocks, etc.) were in great supply, some M1891/30s were still being made with hexagonal receivers as late as mid-1936.

M91/30’s were produced using both the older hex receivers as well as the more modern round receivers. Those produced during the height of the war had at least two distinguishing features: extremely rough milling on the receiver and a high receiver wall on the left side of the receiver. Both of these measures were intentional to cut down on the milling process and to expedite the guns to the front line soldier.

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Izhevsk Arsenal


7.62 x 54R


5 Rounds

Firearm Type