Used Ruger Model Ninety-Six .44 Rem Mag Lever-Action Rifle


**Used Gun**

Caliber- .44 Remington Magnum

Capacity- 4 + 1 Rounds

Barrel Length- 18.5″

Twist Rate- 1:20″

Sights- Twilight 4x Scope

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This is a previously owned and used firearm. The Firearm pictured is the exact one you are ordering. You can expect various levels of cosmetic and use wear patterns, but an otherwise fully functional firearm. Shark Coast Tactical does not keep a record of how long the guns were in use or potential round count through the firearm. These firearms are sold as-is and include any accessories that may be shown in the pictures. All sales are final.

This numerically-named lever action refers directly to the year it was launched – 1996. Though produced for some 13 years, Ruger’s rimfire levers remain overshadowed. The Ninety-Sixes were chambered not only for .22 LR but also .22 WMR and .17 HMR. The designation changed slightly, with the 96/22 and 96/22M referring to the first two, and the 96/17 for the latter. Collectors will also note the centerfire 96/44.

The rifles wear an 18.5-inch barrel topped with iron sights. The design feeds from Ruger’s recognizable rotary magazine platform. The stock, with lines similar to the famed 10/22 semi-automatics, is built of hardwood with a semi-pistol grip design. There’s even the expected front barrel band. While the 96/44 was set up for Ruger’s proprietary rings, the rimfire 96s accept standard equipment. The guns are lightweight and wieldy, with the overall measurement of 37.25 inches in length and the bare gun weighing 5.25 pounds.

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44 Rem Mag


4 Rounds

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