Used Staccato P 2011 Gen 2 (2020 Model) 9mm Handgun

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**Used Gun**

Caliber- 9mm

Capacity- 17/20 + 1 Rounds

Barrel Length- 4.4″ Bull Barrel

Sights- Dawson Precision Fiber Optic, TAS II Rear

Safety Type- Manual Thumb, Grip Safety

Overall Length- 7.44″

Weight- 33oz.

Includes- (1) 17-Round Mag, (2) 20-Round Mags, Carry Bag

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This is a previously owned and used firearm. The Firearm pictured is the exact one you are ordering. You can expect various levels of cosmetic and use wear patterns, but an otherwise fully functional firearm. Shark Coast Tactical does not keep a record of how long the guns were in use or potential round count through the firearm. These firearms are sold as-is and include any accessories that may be shown in the pictures. All sales are final.

The Staccato P Gen 2 is a highly regarded semi-automatic pistol renowned for its exceptional performance and design. Built by Staccato, a company known for its innovation in the firearm industry, the Gen 2 variant of the Staccato P is a compact and reliable firearm favored by both law enforcement and civilian shooters. Its ergonomic frame and textured grip provide superior handling and comfort, ensuring precise and rapid target acquisition. The Staccato P Gen 2 boasts a crisp trigger with a short reset, allowing for fast follow-up shots and enhanced accuracy. Its rugged construction and advanced features make it a top choice for those seeking a high-quality, compact 9mm pistol for personal defense or competitive shooting.

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17 Rounds, 20 Rounds

Firearm Type