Sig Sauer Marksman 300 Blackout 125 Grain OTM – 20 Rounds


Caliber – .300 Blackout

Bullet Type – Open Tip Match

Bullet Weight – 125 Grains

Casing – Brass

Muzzle Velocity – 2200 fps

Muzzle Energy – 1343 ft. lbs

Rounds – 20 Per Box

Use – Target/Training

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A 300 AAC Blackout rifle can only be so accurate until you start upgrading its ammo. Sig Sauer’s Marksman line of ammunition is loaded with a competition-grade open tip match bullet, so you can group shots closer than the numbers on the dial of a dollhouse rotary phone.

This round’s bullet has the most uniformly distributed core possible. Its lead was poured through the opening in the OTM’s tip while it was still molten, which allowed it to harden in place at the base of the bullet. The OTM’s core is form-fitted to its virtually perfectly concentric jacket, so it remains balanced and keeps its tip pointed to the target even at relatively low velocities

The OTM’s ballistically efficient jacket only ends in an open tip due to its manufacturing process – it is not a hollow point, and it will not produce terminal expansion.

Sig loads this ammo with the aid of electrochemical monitoring, which ensures absolute geometric conformity. Its match-grade brass cases and primers optimize functionality and precision in any 300 Blackout rifle, and each round gets the same charge of propellant. Even you’ll be impressed by your marksmanship!

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