SIG Sauer SPEC1 Premium Solvent, Cleaner, Lubricant Combo Pack 2 oz Bottles


SIG Sauer SPEC1 Solvent, Cleaner, Lubricant Specifications and Features:

  • SIG Sauer Manufacturer Number: SPEC12OZCOMBOPAC
  • 2 oz Bottle of Premium Synthetic Lubricant
  • 2 oz Bottle of Premium Bore Solvent
  • 2 oz Bottle of Premium Firearm Cleaner Spray
  • Can be Used on Any Firearm

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SPEC1 Premium Bore Solvent will dissolve the most tenacious carbon and lead on contact. For barrel cleaning, push a wet patch or mop through the barrel and allow to soak for 2-5 minutes. SPEC1 Premium Firearm Cleaner is an all-purpose cleaner. Spray anywhere cleaning is needed. Allow to sit for a few minutes and then wipe or rinse. A light brushing may be required. Cleans carbon powder fouling, grease, oil, cosmoline, and will also neutralize corrosive ammo. SPEC1 Premium Blend lubricant contains a proprietary anti-wear agent that reduces friction and wear by 95-98%. Falex tested at 4500 PSI. Penetrates existing lubricants. Will not harden, become sticky, or tacky. Works in extreme temperatures (-110°F to 1250°F), and it will not attract dust, dirt or sand. You can use SPEC1 on any firearm, and you’ll be more than happy with the results!

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