Sig Sauer SRD762Ti Suppressor


***All silencers require a federal Tax stamp and special paperwork. Please know your laws before purchasing.***

  • Full-auto rated!
  • Sound: 135 dB
  • Weight: 17.6 ounces
  • Length: 9.3”
  • Build material: titanium
  • Bargain, bargain, bargain!
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Sig Sauer, we give you props. Using their standard SRD762 suppressor as foundation, their all-titanium SRD762Ti model is lightweight and a must-own for 7.62mm silencer enthusiasts. This direct-thread silencer offers extreme durability and maneuverability to the shooter. If those characteristics are important regarding your 7.62mm suppressors (they should be), the SRD762Ti is a perfect “fit.” (Get it?)

Further Intel

Conveniently engineered for 5/8×24 threads to match the vast majority of modern .308/7.62mm rifles on the market, the Sig Sauer designers placed an emphasis on versatility when creating this suppressor. In relation, its compactness (9.3” short; 17.6 ounces light) merely reiterates the SRD762Ti’s maneuverability. Add its full-auto rating, and this can is more than impressive. And at that discounted price point, its value is evident! Reward yourself by adding one to your collection…

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