Taurus 500 Raging Hunter .500 S&W Magnum 5-Round 5.125″ Revolver


Caliber- .500 S&W

Capacity- 5 Rounds

Barrel Length- 5.125″

Sights- Adjustable Rear Sight

Safety Type- Transfer Bar

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New for 2023, Taurus takes the popular Raging Hunter platform to the next level with the 500 Raging Hunter. This heavy duty sidearm is chambered in the most powerful pistol round in the world – the .500 S&W Magnum. With this heavy-hitting cartridge, the 500 Raging Hunter is ideal for taking down large, dangerous game, and makes for a perfect companion in bear country. The 500 Raging Hunter is available in 5”, 6.75”, 8”, and 10″ barrel-length configurations, all of which feature custom porting that redirects expanding gasses upwards to help alleviate recoil, promote faster follow up shots, and aid in quicker target acquisition. The barrel also features a target barrel crown to enhance accuracy and deliver precise, ethical shots.

Just like its smaller-caliber counterparts, the 500 Raging Hunter is equipped with soft, cushioned rubber grips to reduce recoil even further. It also features the same integrated picatinny on the top of the barrel for use with a handgun scope or red dot. In addition, the 500 Raging Hunter features Taurus’s double lock system to keep the cylinder secure when firing the heaviest of

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.500 S&W


5 Rounds

Firearm Type