Taurus PT 22 Poly Pistol


Caliber- .22LR

Capacity- 8 + 1

Barrell Length- 2.8″

Overall Length- 5″

Weight- 11oz


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Boasting sleek lines and a lightweight, 11-ounce polymer frame, the Taurus 22 Poly features a blowback action and tip-up barrel for safety and convenience during loading and chambering of the first round. If light and fast are your priorities, the 22 Poly is the pistol for you.

Small caliber tip-up barrel pistols have been popular with private citizens and armed operatives since their invention. Taurus takes this timeless design to the next level with our lightweight polymer framed .22. Built with all new sleek lines designed to optimize the concealed carry experience, the 22 POLY is the gun you’ve been seeking to slip in your pocket when discretion calls for an easy carrying, easy deploying pistol.

Equally important, the tip-up barrel does not require manipulation of the slide to load, a crucial factor for those physically unable to manipulate the stout springs of a semi-auto pistol, making it ideal for persons with disabilities or reduced muscle strength. Taurus knows that it’s not just enough to have a right to be armed, you need the ability to be armed as well, and the 22 POLY extends that ability to countless persons who might not otherwise have it.

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.22 LR


8 Rounds

Firearm Type