Taylors & Company 1886 Ridge Runner Take Down 45-70 Govt


Caliber – 45-70 Government

Capacity – 4 + 1 Rounds

Barrel Length – 18.50″

Threads – 5/8×24

Muzzle – Thread Cap / Muzzle Brake

Sights – Integrated Peep Rail Rear , Fiber Optic Front

Overall Length – 37.50″

Weight – 7.80 lbs

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Some sporting rifles are just too good to die and a classic example is the 1886. Originally created by genius gunsmith John Browning and produced from 1897 to 1935, is manufactured in even more configurations today. These new models are produced with modern metallurgy and a twist rate suitable for today’s ammunition. It is the perfect choice for hunters looking for a hard-hitting lever action and lever action enthusiasts. The Ridge Runner Take Down Rifle features a matte blued finish, black rubber soft touch over walnut stock & forend, a half octagonal barrel, integrated Skinner peep & weaver rail rear sight, front fiber optic sight, sling mounts, D-shaped lever, and a muzzle brake. A threaded cap is included if the muzzle brake is not used and the muzzle brake thread is 5/8×24. The take down action disassembly is the same an original 1892 take down disassembly and has interrupted threads on the receiver to allow removal of the barrel. To take down the rifle the action must be levered open, the disassembly lever on the magazine tube used to unscrew the tube until it is free from the receiver, then while holding the tube slightly up from the action twist the barrel 90 degrees so that it is perpendicular to the receiver (the muzzle brake must be removed before disassembly).

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4 Rounds

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