Zastava M93 Black Arrow .50 BMG Bolt-Action Rifle


Caliber- .50 BMG

Capacity- 5+1

Barrel Length- 33.07″

Overall Length- 59.05″

Weight- 35.93 lbs

Included- 2 Magazines

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Long range rifle M93 is designed on the basis of Mauser action M98, which is proven to be precise and reliable system of bolt-action guns. Its purpose is ellimination of various types of targts at large distances, up to 1,800 m, in all environments.
Cold forged heavy barrel with chrome plated interior provides exceptional precision at large distances . Flutes on the barrel exterior make the cooling easier and provide precision in heavy duty.
 the rifle has folding iron sights for aiming at distances up to 400 m.
Muzzle break significantly reduces the recoil of the weapon (up to 62%) and it facilitates shooting.
Handguard and stock are made of polymer, reinforced with glass fibres. Stock has buffers that reduce the efect of recoil on the shooter.
Adjustable folding bipod can be adapted to fit various terrains.

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.50 BMG


5 Rounds

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